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One day in 2008, Yolande and Andrew ‘woke up’ by asking one question: why are we working and for what? We were earning good money as Consultants in our respective fields of expertise (public health and IT) but it felt as if we were on a treadmill of paying others to provide us with our basic needs to live as human beings: the banks for our shelter, supermarkets for our food and utility companies for our water and warmth.  The air we breathe is free.  And, that’s exactly what we wanted to do more of: to breathe!

It took us two years to untangle ourselves from our corporate lives.  By 2010, we had sold everything we owned and were able to go travelling round the world with one backpack each.  We earned our board and lodgings by volunteering our time (and at the same time learning new skills such as managing hostels), meeting like-minded individuals and exploring different cultural lifestyles.

We thought we might find what we were looking for aboard but by the time we had got to Central America, we realised that in order to live a self-sufficient lifestyle (without the need to keep animals for proteins), we would need to establish something ourselves back in the UK.  After looking at more than 60 properties from Shropshire to Devon, we found and bought ‘Caenwood’ on Howle Hill.  Over the past five years, we have transformed a 1960s bungalow into a carbon neutral home and a sheep field into productive organic vegetable and soft fruit gardens, and establishing an orchard and woodland.

We really enjoy what we do, and we love sharing our knowledge with those who want to learn more. We realise that living our kind of life isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.  But, we hope when people come and have a taste of self-sufficiency, and enjoy the wonderful flavours our lifestyle provides.

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