Welcome To A Taste of Self Sufficiency

Welcome to A Taste of Self Sufficiency. We live a very different life at home, in the garden and when travelling. We believe that nature can be our teacher, that waste is unnecessary, that money gets in the way of life and we have repeatedly found that the less we spend the greater the experience (and fun!). We believe that food should be just that, food! It is there to nourish us throughout it’s life cycle from planet to mouth and beyond. We believe that we must nurture the soil, the organisms within the soil, and all of life including our fellow human beings.

Live Well


We grow our own food: vegetables, proteins, fruits, mushrooms and herbs on our 1.5 acre field, We nurture the land by using natural organic, permaculture and biodynamic techniques, managing a wildflower meadow, laying hedges and using a scythe to cut grass.

Eat Well


We nourish ourselves by eating what we grow and making our bread, jams, wines, preserves, ciders, sorbets and sauces. Come and nourish yourself with great tasting food that is freshly picked and freshly prepared.

Sleep Well


We nurture ourselves and others by treading lightly on the earth.  We have created a carbon neutral home, using only wood and the sun for our energy needs. Come and nurture yourself with a good nights sleep in a home where there is plenty of peace and tranquility.


Have a life changing experience!

As featured in 

Permaculture magazine (no. 91, Spring 2017), and

as Taste of Sustainability in Vegan Life magazine (October 2017)

Come as a Half Board Vegan at £45 per person or Full Board On a Taste of Self Sufficiency for the price of £55 per person where you can learn to grow, forage, cook and eat nature’s bounty; tread lightly on the earth; explore the beauty of a hidden corner of Herefordshire; and smile and laugh!

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