What Are We Up To?

Newly built mushroom bed with Shitake mushroom spawn.

Projects 2017

So far we have laid one third of our hedges (about 25 metres), landscaped a sheer drop into a slope, planted more woodland with hazel, sweet chestnut, oak and walnut, started mushroom growing in wood chip beds and logs, planted a willow tree nursery of many different colours and vigours of willow to provide for living sculptures and weaving opportunities in future years.

This year we still have plans to make a wildlife pond to encourage more diversity of bird and animal into the garden. We have had hedgehogs but want to see more of them as well as the odd bird of prey like owls and of course pollinators like bees. We want to build a composting toilet for when we get caught short on the field.


July is traditionally hay making season. We allow the wild flowers seeds to mature then we cut the grass by hand using an Austrian scythe and spend a few days turning until the hay is dry and sweet smelling. If we want to spread some of the seeds to other areas we lay this mix on the ground and harrow it in. Otherwise we make a hay stack and use it for compost making, covering plants in cold weather, lay it around the strawberries or hide our onion sets from birds that pull them out otherwise.

We’ll also be nurturing the quinoa, amaranth and chia plants and protecting them from any strong winds, ¬†potting on our newly raised lemon grass plants, setting strawberry runners into pots for replacement of older plants, making nettle fertiliser and compost using Maye Bruce’s methods, keeping on hoeing (the weeds don’t stop either!) and enjoying life with our many guests.

We’ll be eating potatoes, tomatoes, salad, french beans, peas, carrots, courgettes, broccoli, rainbow chard, leaf beet, the last of the strawberries, gooseberries and blueberries.

We’ll also be making jam, sorbet, puddings and cakes, wines and cordials, bread, cheese, kefir, kombucha and drying herbs for winter.


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