A Week of Taste of Self Sufficency

We offer a Taste of Self Sufficiency by the night. You can see what is involved here. It includes three meals a day and valuable experiences of our lifestyle during your stay. Many people come for a couple of nights because that’s all the time they can spare or it’s all they can afford. But at £50 per night full board it’s an outstanding deal and if you really want to benefit why not invest in your future with a week long stay like John did in June 2017.

We had the pleasure of hosting John from St Helens. Like us he is a keen gardener and wanted to know more about our lifestyle and how we do things in the garden, so he signed up for a week. It only cost him £350 and he got a diverse range of experiences and 3 hearty meals a day for a whole week. He was our fourth Taster of Self Sufficiency.

In fact if you read this and want to do the same we will offer it at £300 as a special offer for August or September this year. Just check out the offer at the bottom of the page.

So what was John up to?

He was keen to get as much as possible out of the week and get involved in the kitchen as well as the garden. Being self sufficient is not just growing stuff of course but also making and creating.

  • We got underway with a tour and short explanation of how we work, like permaculture, biodynamics, no dig, no turn compost making in 6 weeks, crop rotation, the types of plants we grow etc.
  • Then he had a go at mixing green and brown materials for the compost heap and managed to finish off one heap and set it off with the herbal compound we use.

  • He gathered the herbs for the compost compound, dried them in the solar dryer, ground and mixed them and then used the formula to prepare the herbal compound for his finished compost heap.

  • He decanted an old batch of nettle fertiliser and refilled the bin with fresh nettles to make some more.
  • He learnt to sharpen and use the scythe around the long grass and nettles and ended up clearing the paths and working areas of the field.

  • He built a mushroom bed using wood chips and cardboard.

  • He helped harvest, package, label and deliver the food order from the Dean Forest Food Hub
  • In the kitchen he made bread and jam.
  • He availed himself of the book shelves containing myriad books on self sufficiency, alternative medicine, food etc.
  • He went away with our recommended reading lists, our own cook book, many website links, some surplus plants, nettle fertiliser and compost compound.

It was a pretty full on week and he covered a lot of ground, literally, but he went home buzzing with ideas to follow up at home. If you fancy a similar experience then why not try a week of Self Sufficiency with us for £300 in August or September this year.  Just contact us and quote “TSS 24/7” and you’ll be fulfilling your dreams in no time.


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